Who doesn’t want Better Outcomes?

You’ve just taken the first step towards shaving several years off your learning curve!

What if I told you the most critical skill you should master is first principles thinking?

That’s right. Learning to unpack ideas to find the fundamental truths buried under many layers of out-dated assumptions and a boatload of misinformation. This is where I spend my time — discovering uncommon insights and growth strategies that few know about or seek out.

I’m a huge fan of Codie Sanchez over at Contrarian Thinking, with her ability to ask intelligent questions and challenge people to think.

I do this for professional services firms — challenging deep-seated and long-standing beliefs that limit your potential to build scalable companies.

Newsflash: you *can* scale service firms if you think differently and focus on your clients instead of blindly following the misguided practices of yesteryear.

Who’s behind this newsletter?

I’m Casey! A former software engineer, consultant, entrepreneur, and strategy advisor with 3 decades of experience, some success, and a boatload of missteps to share for your amusement as well as to help you avoid those same pitfalls.

I built my last business, a software services firm, to $10 million in annual revenue within 5 years before selling it to help others (like you) build their businesses.

The conventional methods used by most founders make this extremely hard to do without killing yourself and a ton of people that put their faith in you for their career and livelihood. I’m here to show you another way.

This newsletter is not just a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences. I read constantly, meet lots of people, and look for insights that kick the status quo to the curb.

Contrarian by nature, I don’t accept ideas at face value. I look for assumptions that lead people down the wrong path and shed light on them here.

What’s in every weekly email?

To quote Sah Kilic, “Not spam. Because if you’re eating ‘meat’ from a can, we need to have an intervention.” I couldn’t agree more!

  • An assumed baseline of industry knowledge. You own or manage a software services firm. Or you’re starting one. You know your craft, but running a business may be mysterious or counter-intuitive at times.

  • An accounting of hard-won lessons from growing my last firm. I started a firm and grew it to $10MM in annual revenue before selling it five years later. It was a roller-coaster ride and I learned a boatload.

  • A bunch of links to relevant tools and resources. This will most definitely be my latest Medium posts as well as resources, books, and products that catch my attention. I’ll even throw in lessons from better people (not a high bar).

  • An unapologetic tone riddled with opinions. I’m not going to hide my opinions in neutral-sounding prose. I’m going to tell you what I think and make arguments while ensuring you have the facts to make up your own mind.

  • A lame attempt at humor. That sound you just heard - that’s my kids groaning wherever they are right now. My jokes or witty banter is almost certainly poorly conceived. I promise.

I want to create a sense of community. I definitely don’t have all the answers. Very far from it. In my ideal world, you would ask me questions, I would share what I know, and another subscriber would add their spin as well. Everyone grows.

Share Better Outcomes

Question everything and focus on delivering better outcomes!

— Casey