I Struck a Nerve Last Week

While I was seeking to show the value of matching ideas with execution last week, Hacker News had its own agenda and a heated discussion

Last week, I wrote about why “idea” people are risky and what to do about it. Apparently, it struck a nerve and hit the front page of Hacker News for a hot minute and produced 100+ comments.

As a result, my new website racked up several thousand new visitors and I had my best new subscriber week yet. Hey there!!

Based on the comments, I may have confused some people while managing to upset others. There were those that planted themselves squarely in the “idea people” camp and others that called themselves “executors”. Each defending their positions with a ton of passion.

That wasn’t my intent. In fact, the article purely intended to show that small businesses (namely software consulting firms) should watch out for people that only offer ideas. Calling out those that can’t or won’t get stuff started.

In small businesses, people (especially leaders) must typically fill multiple roles. This means that being a “self-starter” is critical. Ideas are great but, without execution, they’re just words. Nothing inherently magical there.

To those HN people that found this newsletter last week, I encourage you to read my other posts, get a feel for the topics I’ve covered, and check out next week’s issue.

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